Gripart | CRANES 120 9.0
material y tecnicos para filmaciones
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CRANES 120 9.0


High weight capacity of 25kg (55.11 lb)

Light construction with square profiles 12 x 12 cm (4.72 inch), provides extreme rigidity!

Additionally, crane segments are bolted together for an optimum resistance to torsion!

Circular spaces in the segments provide for weight reduction.

High weight addition of 25 kg (55.11 lbs) in version 9m (29.52 ft)

Optimized Crane-head geometry centers the Remote Head in crane axis!

Short assembling times! (complete assembly in a approx. 20 minutes!)

4 different assembly lengths incl. strengthened rig sets.

Universal deployable for high flexibility – deployment with strengthened “Bull Tripod or Dolly CD5/CD6”