material y tecnicos para filmaciones
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Max. camera height (without riser): 45 in – 114 cm
Min. camera height (without riser): 16 in – 40 cm
Min. camera height (90º plate): 3 in – 8 cm
Lifts (full power charging): 7 lifts
Min. lenght of dolly (folded wheels): 34.5 in – 88 cm
Min. height for transport: 16 in – 40 cm
Width of dolly swivel arm 0º angle: 20 in – 51 cm
Width of dolly swivel arm 45º: 34 in – 86 cm
Radius (R): 0 to endless
Charging time; approx. 70 sec.
Weight: 326lbs. – 148 kg

Hydraulic scissor system for high resistance lifting for any camera, with straight and circular tracks. Thanks to its hydraulic system and the reinforcement of the base increases stability.
Easy to maneuver and versatile, Arco Dolly guarantees performance in all conditions.

  • Variable chassis leg adjustment
  • Cam-lock chassis
  • Incorporate brakes on rear wheels
  • Compact and lightweight for travel and storage
  • Works on both straight and curved tubular track
  • Rear Controlled Steering
  • Vertical Arm Travel
  • Electric Pump
  • Variety of Tires Available