Gripart | TYR
material y tecnicos para filmaciones
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  • Set-Up Time
    30 min
  • Run time
    Full shooting day (Tested with 50Ah car battery)
  • Maximum turns
  • +- 1080 degrees (3 full turns in each direction)
  • Maximum overhead in compact mode
    90 cm/ 35 inch (depending on car, gimbal & camera combination)
  • Maximum lens height in compact mode
    Approx. 3.5m / 11’6 (depending on car, gimbal & camera combination)
  • Remote control range
    250 m / 270 yards with external antenna in open space
  • Assistant stop switch
    One inside the car and one near the gimbal
  • 2 x emergency buttons
    One inside the car one on the remote control
  • User limits
    User definable distance/ height limits
  • Overload indicator
    The app let’s you know when your riding the edge with TYR. In red.
  • User acceleration
    User definable presets on remote control:
  • User speed
    User definable presets on remote control:
  • Compatible cameras
    Arri alexa Mini, Red Weapon, Canon C500, Canon 5D, Sony Alpha 7, Sony 7, Sony FS7, Sony F55, Blackmagic URSA, others…
  • Compatible Gimbals
    Shotover G1, Movi XL, Movi Pro, Movi M15, DJI Ronin 2, DJI Ronin 1, DJI Ronin MX
  • Payload
    25kg/ 55lbs
  • Arm rotation speed
    80°/ sec
  • Lift Speed
    1m/s – 3,3 ft/s
  • Weight of crane
    95 kg / 209 lbs
  • Weight of roof rail system
    35kg / 77lbs
  • Weight of electronics
    15kg/ 33 lbs
  • Power source
    4x 12V standard car batteries System voltage 48V (actuators) and 24V (Safety / control system)
  • Remote control Industry grade safety certified remote control for a safe and stable connection. 250m/ 270 yds rang (In open space)
  • Frequency range
    Range control 433 Mhz, 868 Mhz, 917 Mhz Tablet 2.4 GHZ or GHZ
  • Tablet App
    We deliver a tablet with the preinstalled App.
    No need to worry about connection settings and firmware updates.
  • Environment rating
    Rain and Dustproof
    Tested up to 50°C/122° F
    Car mount system Either via Thule roof rack system – as universal as it
    gets! Or via speed rail kit suitable for any vehicle.
  • Maximum driving speed
    Tested up to 200 km/h – 120 mph. The maximum speed needs to be determined by the driver as road conditions, vehicle dimensions, payload and driving experience vary greatly. As a rule of thumb: Better
    safe than sorry.
  • Cable Wiring
    BNC, battery or additional cables can be routed though a hollow shaft in the baseplate.